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Happy (belated) New Year everyone! It’s great to be back sharing news with you in the world of classic gaming in 2016. This week we’re starting with news about a new iteration of Pang Adventures: the game – and it’s more than just the screenshot below.



DotEmu announced Pang Adventures in August last year.  The company has promised to stay true to the classic series which debuted back in 1989. The new game has been in development by the company since last year’s announcement, and was showcased at a gaming conference in Paris in October with much praise from punters.


The latest news from DotEmu is that their new Pang Adventures will debut sometime in the 1st quarter this year, and will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, as well as on mobile platforms -which hopefully means both iOS and Android. Attached to the email I received from DotEmu is a survival guide, as shown above, which outlines some jovial tips on how to survive and play the game properly.

For more information, visit the official Pang Adventures Facebook page.

A truly, truly impressive feat that shows anything is possible when you put your heart and mind to it is the news that blind gamer Terry Garrett has taken it upon himself to finish Ocarina of Time and after five years of research, patience and a clever set up of speakers he met that goal just a few days ago!

You can watch how he completed the game over at MegaTgarrett’s channel on YouTube, and how he relies on sound and a decent gist of the layout of the final area of Ocarina of Time including the boss fight. Seriously, I’m just gobsmacked. Well done Terry!

source: dorkly


DOS gamers would no doubt know the origins of Duke Nukem with the 1991 platform game developed by Apogee, right? The game has never been ported to a console until recent reports surfaced of a port in development for the SEGA Master System. This port is heavily based on the game engine used in Alex the Kidd in Miracle World. This means that when you’re playing the game there will be a lot of familiarity with the way it feels.

Although not yet complete, you can have a trial run of what has been developed so far over at cartmodding-sega8bit.com/dukenukem. I have to throw in bonus stars for the 8-bit rendition of the Duke Nukem 3D theme as well. Awesome!

source: retrocollect


Finally for this week’s retrospektive is a tech demo of Mortal Kombat on the Atari 2600.
AtariAge forum member Jinroh has been working on various titles for the Atari console including the original Carrot Kingdom game. The tech demo of Mortal Kombat on the VCS has been in development since late May and – for now – only features sprites of the thunder god Raiden, with recent development commenced on the graphics for Sub-Zero.

Although the game is currently buggy (to be expected as it is, after all, a tech demo) this is truly an impressive feat of what can be achieved with hardware which is nearly 40 years old and in under 4 kilobytes of code!

source: atariage

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