Hope you all had a gander yesterday at Episode 3 of “New Old Stock” where Mike Towns covers the Hercules and Xena games on the Playstation and Nintendo 64. I’ve never played them, hell I bought a copy of Xena for EvilDan as a joke the other day. Wasn’t funny it seems.. Oh well!


Doing positive and enjoyable things for the community always gives a warm fuzzy feeling right? Absolutely! These guys make paper cup artwork into mesh fences of video game characters. They’ve made one of Samus and a Metroid from, uh.. Metroid, and also in the progress of making a Mega Man. Pretty rad idea, and can easily be done anywhere in the world with mesh fences!


Oh yes, the iCade arrived yesterday, and last night I got to piece it together and have a few rounds of Asteroids and Crystal Castles. My first impressions on it? Essential geeky retro-gaming peripheral!! Expect a review this week on the device, and how I went with it a day later!


Here’s a really cool video, depicting what Pac-Man would be like if it were at a driving perspective. Quite creepy, but great effects to boot! Of course the music had to be Aphex Twin’s Pac-Man Power Pill song didn’t it? :P


And finally, OCweekly have a top 10 list of interesting facts about the Sonic franchise that many people may not know too much. Interesting facts, like Sonic’s stopping sound is from another classic SEGA game, hint: it’s a driving game from back in the day.



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