It’s been a while since I posted any animated GIFs on here, so here’s a cool one I came across the other day on Reddit.



The problem with such GIFs, is that you could be staring at the loop for quite a while…


I’m glad to see an increase in retro-inspired games appearing on the Android Marketplace recently, in particular this one called BlockRush (Android Marketplace link). This game is very similar to Arkanoid, but with a twist. You still use a ball, however you flick the ball around and the bricks are situated in all directions. Looks like a fun game and is initially free, with 15 levels included.


Ah yes, Battletoads was a franchise that so many either loved and genuinely enjoyed, or hated with a burning passion. Nevertheless it made an impact in gaming history. However, I came across this footage of a Battletoads game which was going to be released for the Game Boy Advance. I guess I was right in saying that the last Battletoads game was the one in the Arcade. Okay hold on, that as well as the Master System version of Battlemaniacs which also came out the same year, so it’s an either/or in that case. Regardless, I caught a glimpse of the Arcade game once at an Arcade in Surfers Paradise, QLD and I did once play a *cough* ROM of it too. Interesting video above, including an interview with the artist who was part of developing this game over at

I wonder if there are any plans of Battletoads making a return. Would there be a demand? Would it finally destroy that particular meme about Battletoads? Only time will tell..


And last but not least, here is an hilarious video depicting what the first Quake game would have been like if it were to be released nowadays. Is the maker of this video perhaps implying something there? ;)

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