As many of us are aware, the storyline of Chrono Trigger can be quite complex regarding time travel:



So if you enjoy gaming and are a fan of comics, you may wish to check out this sweet comic and other cool artwork by Deviantart user Haikuninja.

Poor Chrono though, not saying a thing…

In other news, the Minecraft community have been very busy of late, incorporating a lot of classic gaming elements into Minecraft. Which does actually make sense considering the visual style of the game used.

Firstly, somebody made a huge Game Boy screen with stop motion animation of Tetris with the music and sounds.

Secondly, Mike Towns discovered an interesting Doom mod the other day for Minecraft. This has been done by turning the status bar, characters and textures into ones recognisable from Doom. This add-on is able to be downloaded here from


The precision painting required for such awesomely detailed artwork as this on a thumbnail is very impressive and would most certainly involve a steady hand and dedication. It was painted by artist Maya Pixelskaya who also creates retrogaming artwork on sneakers, ties, guitars and much more!

So, who’s excited about Blip Festival coming to Australia? I should imagine that most of you would be, as it is going to be huge! But as there is no line-up announced (yet), lets take a look at one of the artists in the 8bitpeoples collective. New York’s Bit Shifter delivers a very happy-sounding 8bit feel to his music. And considering it’s Monday, it is highly appropriate that this week’s tune goes to Hexidecimal Genome from the Information Chase EP.

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