Introducing himself as “Mario’s Dad”, Shigeru Miyamoto highlighted many of the upcoming attractions of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan during a recent Nintendo Direct video. During the fifteen minute long video, Miyamoto details numerous features of the park, ranging from aspects including:

  • Seemingly mundane things – yet not – such as the park’s entrance via a life-size warp pipe, and Kinopio’s Cafe (lots of photos at the link) with appropriately themed food and animated screens with Toad(s) cooking.
  • Innovations like the Power-Up Band worn by park attendees that gamifies attendees experiences in many surprising ways.
  • Anticipated attractions; yes, augmented reality Mario Kart ride, we’re looking at you.
  • Jaw dropping / tear inducing park features like the attention to detail in a real life iteration of Princess Peach’s Mushroom Castle from Super Mario 64.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, set aside a quarter of an hour and check it out below.

Additionally, the official website for Super Nintendo World launched earlier today (as reported by IGN). There’s more videos, photos, gift stores (KA-CHING!), and food options. Bring on the Koopa Sheel noodle-filled calzone! Do take the time to check out the website; it expands on what was already known, and will definitely whet your appetite for the resumption of travel.

The attention to detail in Super Nintendo World is astounding, although unsurprising given that it’s, well, Nintendo. Of course, we’re all aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has put international travel on the back-burner for the short to medium term. We’re sure that we’re not alone in having our fingers (and toes!) crossed for the resumption of travel in due course. I, for one, am suffering from Japan withdrawl!

Super Nintendo World attraction at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on February 4, 2021. The Verge reports that further versions of the Nintendo zone will also be opened at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California; Orlando, Florida; and Singapore.


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