Portland Retro Game Expo 2017 – New Games Announced

Portland Retro Gaming expo has a number of Atari 2600 & Atari Jaguar releases from These include Jeff Minter Classics with Llamatron and Revenge of the Mutant, which just happens to have the rave style title music for the game written by one of Retrospekt's own! Click through to our site to read all about these releases and make sure you check at the two minute video for Llamasoft Classics...not only will you see the game and hear the tune, there's also a not very subtle shout out to Retrospekt ;)

Weekly Retrospektive – 20/5/16

- 16bit JRPG-inspired 'Zia and the Goddess of Magic' announced for SEGA Dreamcast, PlayStation and Steam - Bandai Namco releases 3-in-1 pack with Galaga, Pac-Man and Dig Dug for PlayStation 4 - SEGA Astro City arcade cabinet model kits available for preorder - M2 considering releasing Alien Syndrome as SEGA 3D Classic on 3DS

Weekly Retrospektive – 6/5/16

- New computer revision 'ZX Spectrum Next' announced at Play Expo 2016 - Mighty No. 9 gone gold, release date announced (for real) - Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire rereleased on Good old Games - New trailer released for mobile port of Romancing SaGa 2

Weekly Retrospektive – 29/4/16

- John Romero and Adrian Carmack kickstarts new 90s inspired FPS - Mario Party N64 ROM hack suite PartyPlanner64 in development - Analogue and 8Bitdo releases Bluetooth dongle made for NES - SEGA launches new Mega Drive hub frontend for Steam

Weekly Retrospektive – 22/4/16

- Indiegogo campaign commenced for 'THE 64' revived Commodore home computer & portable - Kickstarter campaign commenced for documentary focusing on history of game box artwork - Pang Adventures now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, iOS and Android - Super Mario Bros. speedrun (any%) world record broken at 4:57.260