Weekly Retrospektive – 19/2/16

- RETRO:VGS Coleco Chameleon news and Kickstarter date announced - ZX Spectrum Vega + handheld console announced - Fan-made compilation album Chronicles of Time features covers from Chrono Trigger - NECA Toys announces new series of action figures based on NES Contra game

Weekly Retrospektive – 12/2/15

- SEGA-Sammy CEO announces plans for Sonic film forecasted for 2018 release date - ROM discovered for unreleased Arcade puzzle SEGASonic Bros - Bubble Bobble Trilogy released unofficially for Amiga CD32 - Indiegogo campaign started for RPGolf combines retro jRPG with Golf

Weekly Retrospektive – 5/2/16

- Adventures of Mana to be available on iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita from this week - Renowned developer Hewson Consultants to return thanks to UK Games Fund - Nintendo Japan offers Super Mario Maker wallpaper creator on their website - Limited edition Mega Man headphones available to order (for the US)

Weekly Retrospektive – 29/1/16

- BREAKING: Atari Jaguar port of Xenon II approved for release by Bitmap Brothers - Unofficial Mega Drive port of Gradius II in development - Figures based on Akira and Sarah of Virtua Fighter available for preorder - Video showcasing Atari Falcon port of Doom - Extensive documentary on history and influence on Doom in gaming industry

Weekly Retrospektive – 22/1/16

- John Romero recently released a Doom level - Trailer to Fan-made demake Ocarina of Time 2D released - Twitch gamer attempts to play Ocarina of Time, with an actual Ocarina - Dragon Quest creator shares early sketches of original game design

Weekly Retrospektive – 15/1/16

- Nintendo announces new 2DS consoles in time for Pokémon 20th anniversary - Toy magazine mentions more on Sonic's 25th anniversary celebrations - Demo of unreleased 3D puzzle game 'Ferox' available online for SEGA Saturn - SNK to release anime and live action drama based on King of Fighters

Weekly Retrospektive – 8/1/16

- Estimate release date announced for 'Pang Adventures' - Blind gamer completes Ocarina of Time in 5 years - 1991 Classic DOS game Duke Nukem being ported to SEGA Master System - Tech demo of Mortal Kombat on Atari 2600 released

Weekly Retrospektive – 15/11/2015

- '3D Puyo Puyo Tsu' latest addition to SEGA 3D Classics collection on Nintendo 3DS - SEGA themes finally arriving to European/Australian 3DS eShop - Klok releases Marble Madness and Micro Machines for Amiga CD32 - SEGA Master System port of Mega Man 2 in development

Weekly Retrospektive – 8/11/15

- Blizzard to recruit talent to revive and update their classic titles - Point and click adventure Sanitarium rereleased for Windows, iOS and Android - Fan-made demake of Fallout 4 for Apple IIc released as Fallout '84 - SNES PlayStation prototype console confirmed to be real deal. Showcased at Retro.HK Expo - Short film on Creative Microcomputing from 1976-1992 in Australia

Weekly Retrospektive – 31/10/2015

- Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition showcased at IndieCade 2015 - SEGA promises going back to roots for Sonic's 25th anniversary - Versus! Bomberman for iOS and Android coming soon - Don Bluth 'fires' up Kickstarter for Dragon's Lair: The Movie

Weekly Retrospektive – 23/10/15

- 1987 Konami arcade shooter A-Jax available now on PlayStation 4 Arcade Archive - Duke Nukem 3D on Mega Drive redistributed by Piko Interactive, preorders commence - Prototype copy of Colin McRae Rally 2.0 discovered for SEGA Dreamcast - Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman available on European/Australian Wii U eShops

Weekly Retrospektive – 16/10/15

- Japanese gamer allegedly leaves Super Famicom on for 20 years in fear of losing saved game - Pang Adventures to be shown at Paris Games Week, first screenshots unveiled - World's largest arcade cabinet discovered and added to Guinness Records

Weekly Retrospektive – 9/10/15

- 1987 classic 'Metal Gear' being recreated by a fan in Unreal 4 Engine - ROM of Putty Squad on Mega Drive now available for download - Various classic Mega Drive SNES, NES and N64 games released on Virtual Console - SEGA Game Gear theme for 3DS available soon on European/Australian stores - 1987 Arcade game Buta San released on PlayStation 4

Weekly Retrospektive – 25/9/15

- Windows port of Sayonara Umihara Kawase release date announced for Steam - Long lost Arcade game Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car digitally preserved - Indie game Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs coming to PC Engine CD and SEGA Dreamcast - John Romero showcases Dangerous Dave reboot, mentions iOS port via Twitter

Weekly Retrospektive – 18/9/15

- Final Fantasy Adventure (aka Seiken Densetsu) remake announced - Galaxian for Atari 2600 remade to be closer to Arcade version - Latest Arcade Archives 'Terra Cresta' and 'City Connection' arrive on PlayStation 4 - Teaser released for new device 'Picocassette' which lets you play games on a smartphone