We (always ;) ) feel it’s our duty to record and share all the nostalgic gaming news that we uncover. Here’s another of our semi-regular curated lists of the best retro news that passes our desks. Our roundups are intended for sharing of news and promoting thought and discussion within the classic gaming appreciating community.

Here we go…

    • The internet is in the midst of Star Wars fever at the moment with many-a fan revisiting some of the older games to get in the spirit. This includes the Angry Videogame Nerd, who returns yet again too look at one of the more crap interesting titles.
    • The DidYouKnowGaming guys recently did a video focussing on the career of Todd Howard. The dude’s been with Bethesda for a loooong time and pretty much lives and breathes the Scrolls series (as in Elder Scrolls, not the Mojang game). This is a worthy watch for any fan of the series.
    • Usually we post a music some retro related music or new…and this posts’s no different, with a l’il bit of magic.
    • Here’s some more bangers from GameChops with their new Pokemon themed remix album Ultraball, which should be out by the time you’re reading this.
    • This one’s a bit less recent but a goodie nonetheless. Unbox Therapy looking at some very funky Nintendo themed Nike Air Jordans.
    • Ever looked at Nintendo’s Kirby character and thought “That fella needs a nice solid Batman chin? Perhaps something like Bruce Campbell’s?” Well your wishes have been granted with the Japanese company Panda’s Ana showing off these figures recently at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro PARCO.I’ve seem some people describe them as looking like the Crimson Chin from Fairly Odd Parents
      But I honestly think they look more like Bubba from Forest Gump. Poor Bubba, he just wanted to give the world some tasty shrimp :'(.
    • Finally for today, we started off with something movie and gaming related and we’ll end on the same note. I’m an unashamed fan of the film The Room. Since Adult Swim first introduced me to it through their old April Fools runs something gripped me about Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece. I’ve introduced it to a few friends and picked up The Disaster Artist book the day it went on sale. I’ve even been tempted to pick up some merch so I can get a sweet signed and quoted photo of the man himself. Despite being a fan, I have yet to see The Disaster Artist movie. I should hopefully have remedied this by the time this post is published, but to whet my appetite, here’s a brilliant video of James Franco narrating lines from classic video games (such as Resident Evil, Shenmue, and Super Mario 64) with his spot-on rendition of Tommy Wiseau…”Du youh behleev lahvkin blomm, ohnda bahttelfeyeld?”


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