Bleep!: Episode 49

It’s the Trek episode! Woohoooo! Special Guest Adrian from The Role Playing Hour on Radio Adelaide joins us to give a review of Birth of the Federation, Steve grins like a fanboy for a solid hour and Tom looks on bemusedly at all the Trek content. Also, the Borg attack mid-episode! MADNESS!!

Bleep!: Episode 48

Steve reviews Nuclear War, Mike Towns calls in about his new album and Tom reveals that he once almost bought some Commodore 64 parts for his Amiga, and then he didn’t. IT’S THE STORY THAT SHOOK THE WORLD!!!!

Bleep!: Episode 47

Tom reads James’ review of Superman 64, plus tells us a great story of drunken heroism! Steve on the desk makes a bunch of cock ups and our audience gets a few laughs from the Facebook page. Good times.

Bleep!: Episode 46

Steve reviews Beach Head II for the C64 under protest of not being able to talk about Skyrim again, and the lads bring a huge dose of gaming news to the table. More fun than a dozen live eels in your undies!

Bleep!: Episode 45

Once more from the Bleep dear friends, once more! Tom and Steve go free form and script-less for this episode, and chaos ensues! A great listener competition leads to this week’s AWESOME subscription calls, Tom covers VVVVVV plus a bunch of news stories and the boys somehow manage to keep their pants on in the horrific heat of the un-cooled studio!

Bleep!: Episode 44

Steve and Tom are at it again, this week looking at FTL, Bruce Lee for the C64, yet ANOTHER competition plus we replay The Range’s interview and live set from Australian chiptune artist Dot-Ay. All this plus Steve with his pants down, what more could you possibly ask!?

Bleep!: Episode 43

Tom and Steve are joined by Jen as they chat about Lego games, the most mysterious motorbike ever and Tom runs through some of the greatest ever ninja sports games. Also, they get to the news! Holy crap!!

Bleep!: Episode 42

Toms goes on a library lan spree and Steve reviews Dune 2, plus our second competition winner, more upcoming prizes and the first clandestine Bleep mission is a success! So far…

Bleep!: Episode 41

Tom and Steve give a little yabber to Sleeping dogs before moving onto some of the weirdest game endings ever, plus a good old yak with our intelligent, beautiful and sexually appealing audience.

Bleep!: Episode 40

Tom and Steve celebrate their fortieth episode by going over some of the worst ever controllers and the first ever MMORPG with a graphics interface. Plus news, chat and the revelation of a games playing robot out to rule the world of high score tables!

Bleep!: Episode 39

The gruesome twosome is back on the airwaves with more retro goodness! Tom reviews the Sonic CD remake for Xbox Live Arcade and Steve reviews Law of the West for the C64. Plus news, yabber, and a secret skit hidden right in the middle in the hopes that no-one will ever find it and discover Steve’s script writing shame!

Bleep!: Episode 37

Guest Kyal returns with a review of a horribly voice-acted zombie-based typing tutor, and Tom talks about a pigeon dating sim, a butt poking sim and other odd and perverted games to come out of Japan!

Bleep!: Episode 35

Steve is away! Tom is joined by Kyal for a week of Bleepy goodness. Tom reviews stunt car racer, Kyal reviews Sim Ants, plus chat, news and a complete lack of Steve, what more could you ask for!?

Bleep!: Episode 34

It’s Steve’s birthday! He wasn’t going to mention it, but he didn’t have a choice. Tom reviews Die Hard Trilogy, Steve does a listener requested review of Little Computer People, plus news and chat and the rudest review interruption ever, and more gratuitous, self serving plugs than ever before!

Bleep!: Episode 32

More audience driven madness! Tom reviews Jill of the Jungle and Steve reviews Diablo. The top ten retro RPG’s, ANOTHER industry birthday, a heartfelt request from the Bleep boys and all the various chaos that is Bleep!