Bleep!: Episode 31

A mad mad episode this week where the live audience is asked to interact with the boys from Bleep, and boy howdy do they! Tom covers the 40th birthday of both Radio Adelaide and Atari, (mostly Atari) Steve reviews Baldur’s Gate plus news, the first Bleep army promotion and even more chaos than usual! Spot the burp for 1000 bonus points!

Bleep!: Episode 30

Steve and Tom discuss The Role Playing Hour, Tom reviews one of the most thieving games in history and it’s hilarious results, and Steve reviews the father of all good RTS games: Starcraft. Plus groovy gaming news, Radio Adelaide’s upcoming 40th birthday and random chaos! What fun!

Bleep!: Episode 29

The boys rip into some heavy gaming on ‘what we’ve been playing this week’, guest host James from Soulstone Pictures reviews California games, Steve reviews Tenchu Stealth Assassin for the playstation and Tom whips up some interesting development news!

Bleep!: Episode 27

No time for waffle, there’s too much going on!Tom gives an in-depth history of Donkey Kong Country and Steve takes us on a radioactive tour around the Fallout universe, plus the latest E3 news and the grooviest barber in the world!

Bleep!: Episode 26

Tom and Steve hit it hard this week! The boys pan Kane and Lynch, cheer on the latest Max Payne, review Duke Nukem 3d and Roadblaster for the IOS before bringing the news noise with a Capcom special offer and the ancient art of schmuck fu! All this and the usual bountiful chaos that is BLEEP!

Bleep!: Episode 25

A snappy show this week, with Steve reviewing a game about a bushido bunny, Tom rocks some unbelievable racing antics, plus some very groovy retro gaming news and the weirdest show end, to date. Family guy and Star Wars, what the..?

Bleep!: Episode 24

A special musical episode! All songs on this episode are non commercial, which means we can bring the show to you in it’s entirety! Tom reviews Super Cars 2 for the Amiga, Steve reviews G.I Joe for the C64, plus news and a look at Joypad! LET THE NERDINESS COMMENCE!

Bleep!: Episode 23

Tom and Steve are at it again! Tom reads a listener review of what may be the world’s worst fighting game: Shaq fu, and Steve fills the remaining time with chat about his current obsession, Mass Effect. All this plus news and chat. Who could ask for more!?

Bleep!: Episode 22

Tom and Steve rip into their old favorites once more this week with Tom going on about an old amiga game and Steve making a fool of himself before the show even starts! A listener review of Johnny Bazookatone and Steve’s review of Doom, plus news and the standard sparkling commentary this week on Bleep!

Bleep: Episode 21

Tom and Steve hit the nerdy retro airwaves again! Steve crunches Ghosts n Goblins on the C64 andTom reviews one of his favourite handheld games consoles, the Atari Lynx. All this plus news and a surprise celebration!

Bleep: Episode 20

Tom and Steve run through NBA2k11 and Mass Effect 3 as well as Tom’s visit to Retrospekt.com.au ‘s gaming extravaganza: Joypad, before going on to this week’s reviews. Steve takes up way back to Spy vs Spy on the C64 and Tom sets the spraycans on overdrive with Jet Grind Radio for the Sega Dreamcast. Then the news with an extra special announcement and ticket offer from Steve. Dare we listen in..?

Bleep: Episode 19

Tom and Steve brush over the new Wing Commander and Tribes before Steve reviews Archon for the C64 and Tom runs down some of the coolest gaming 'easter eggs' from the last few decades. All this plus news and a rebuttal to Zap!

Bleep: Episode 18

Tom and Steve brush on Saints Row the third before Tom reviews Machrider for the Nintendo and Steve does Ghostbusters for the C64. Plus the latest retro gaming news and music, and not one but TWO very off-colour jokes from Steve, all wrapped up in a big Bleepy bow!

Bleep: Episode 017

Tom is back! Tom regales us with tales from his trip to Japan and Steve reviews Total War: Shogun for the PC. Plus some awesome game news and all the assorted Bleep-esque insanity! Be there or fail to be square!

Bleep: Episode 016

Tom is still on holiday, so Steve is joined by Pat Anderson, old school nerd and resident wow expert. Reviews of the original World of Warcraft and International Karate, gaming news and music from 1986 as well as all the magnificent Bleepy goodness!