Bleep: Episode 015

Tom is off in Japan, and the station issues Steve with a carer to make sure he doesn't go too crazy by himself. Steve reviews Civilization II for the PC, and special Guest James from Soulstone pictures reviews Frogger! All this plus news and the best political correctness joke ever told. What have you got to lose!?

Bleep: Episode 014

The first of the one hour episodes on Monday night. Tom reviews Virtua Tennis on the dreamcast, Steve has Summer Games on the C64, plus all the usual news and hilarity crammed into one hour of compressed entertainment!

Bleep: Episode 013

Technical faults at the radio station have occured, hence there's no episode 13 recording. However the awesome folks from Bleep have hit up a summary and apology recording.

Bleep: Episode 012

It's a girlie episode! Well, maybe not, but it does start with a discussion about facials! (The nice kind) Steve reviews Aztec Challenge on the C64 and Tom does X-com enemy unknown for... the PC! Gasp! More news and madness from the boys, all wrapped up in Bleepy goodness.

Bleep: Episode 011

It's a love fest on Bleep! The Valentine's episode with special guest Dave Kudrev from Retrospekt - not only do we round up your better halves to torment for our subscription call, (what better way to celebrate Valentine's day?), but some great music, reviews, news and upcoming nerdy events. How can you possibly lose!?

Bleep: Episode 010

Along with the normal funky BLEEP! madness, it is our honour this week to present a girl gamer on the show! Yes! See!? We TOLD you they exist! Steve reviews an old D&D favourite, Jen reviews Banjo Kazooie and Tom brings some of the weirdest games from the UK. Plus game news, the competition winners, and some more big show news and upcoming events! All this and more this week on BLEEP!

Bleep: Episode 008

The lads from bleep bring the eighties goodness with reviews of Shenmue and Grand Theft Auto: Vice city along with gaming news and some great songs and commercials from the Vice City sound track.

Bleep: Episode 007

Tom and Steve cover Star wars games aplenty, some of the best and some of the worst, as well as their normal gaming news, reviews and bitter-sweet remembrances from the past.

Bleep: Episode 006

Recently awarded the coveted position of greatest retro gaming show on Radio Adelaide at 11pm on Tuesdays! This week the boys go over their time at Ultracade, Tom reviews Beneath a Steel Sky, Steve covers Impossible Mission, as well as all the retro music goodness from the games you love!

Bleep: Episode 005

More retro gaming goodness from the folks at Radio Adelaide! Tom, Steve and guest reviewer Nick take us on another journey through computer gaming past with reviews, more weird games from Japan, some even weirder games from 80's pop bands and a discussion about the future of Australian gaming laws. Oh, and the boys finally play Computer Games by Misex. About time! All this and more this week on BLEEP!

Bleep: Episode 004

Tom, Phil and Steve format the Radio Adelaide air waves with retro reviews of Barbarian from the C64 and Cobra triangle on the NES! The lads also discuss the vital topic of radio hats and debate the merits of gratuitous video game violence. All this as well as songs from and inspired by your favorite retro games, and much much more on BLEEP!

Bleep: Episode 003

Tom, Phil and Steve crank the 8 bit mastery on Radio Adelaide with retro reviews on Dragon's Lair, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, text-based gaming and the glorious Polish E-conomy. Plus music from Ministry and more tunes from and inspired by your favorite retro games this week on BLEEP!

Bleep: Episode 002

More retro gaming goodness from the folks at Radio Adelaide. Burgertime, rumble packs, wierd Japanese games, Tom's machine, music from Patient Zero plus more tunes from and inspired by your favorite retro games, plus much much more this week on BLEEP!