Doom for those who don’t know (I should be nice at least writing this paragraph), is a classic 1st person shooter which pushed the boundaries of what PC gaming was capable of achieving in it’s day. We’re talking 1993 here folks. The game has caused a lot of controversies (as all games with violent content sadly have), but has still been dubbed as a cult classic to even this day. What is more fascinating it has been a benchmark title to port the game to just about anything, from iPods (as in the clickwheel models), to various handsets, to even calculators!


Enter Doom Classic for the iPhone.


A game which was really in the making to be officially available on the app store. I was quite ecstatic to see this come out the other day, although what I’ve feared were the convoluted controls which is a general trend sadly with 1st person shooter titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

Not naming titles, but there are ones out there which just takes a lot of the fun out of the game, but there are some out there who can play it well with the accelerometer (tilting the physical device to turn or move forward/back), but others still struggle. I confess to be one of them who struggles still. With that written id Software have done a great job in making playing 1st person shooters on the iPhone to be a casual, yet action-packed fun-fest.

The iOS port of Doom features extensive customisation of controls and a rubber banding method so if your thumb moves too far off from the on-screen stick, it won’t stop movement.

Graphics are left intact with slight enhancements, the sound has been kept to the original style, and I should also mention that this is a port of Ultimate Doom, which contained the 4th episode “Thy Flesh Consumed”, so a total of around 36 or so levels. I’m yet to try the multiplayer function out (going to hunt someone else who has Doom). The only thing that people may um and err about getting this game, is the price. Otherwise it is a solid port for the iPhone and if you are a fan of Doom or any classic 1st person shooters as such from that era, then this game is for you!


– Graphics/sound left intact
– Fairly customisable controls
– Multiplayer


– Controls can take some getting used to
– Price may be questionable to some people

Link to iTunes App Store

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