Not long till the weekend is here folks. Hope you all have something fun to do over the next couple of days! Don’t forget to check out our new series on YouTube called “Video Game Haikus” presented by Mike Towns. Episode 5 should be up later today :) Alrighty, lets plow through today’s post;



Oh nice!! Very cute thing to put on a wall. Etsy shop right here, and I’m trying to find a situation where I would need to use one of them.. probably if too many people in my house disapprove classic-gaming.. or person.. Thankfully I haven’t had one yet that thinks that way :)

When it comes to portable devices, even though that a lot of what is covered on Dave’s Daily is iOS, has nothing to do with the fact that I own an iPhone and iPad, it’s purely because that those platforms get more attention when it comes to retro-gaming! With that said, I’m glad to see there’s more titles popping up on the Android platform as of late.

I know someone personally who is obsessed with Boulderdash, and she’ll read this and go nuts because she has an Android phone.. Developer Herocraft in junction with First Star Software have announced that, Boulderdash XL is coming soon! Sometime by end of this year is the rough release date. It WAS meant to be out on XBLA and PSN in Australia, but no sign of that sadly. Boulderdash XL is also coming to iOS. The video above is for the Xbox Live Arcade version.


Double entendre of classic-gaming here more or less.. Did you know that Nintendo started as a company which sold playing cards? True true, back in the late 19th Century. Anyway, enough of history lessons here, Art Lebedev Studios are selling playing cards with 8-bit designs on them. Tempted to get a pack for myself.


This is hilarious, but sad at the same time. Gamepron reports, that  Doom is finally available in Germany. With the laws there, a game which has been banned for 10 years can be appealed for the lift. Lo and behold, it got slapped a USK16+ rating, and is now finally, and legally for sale.. This also applies to Doom 2 and a few other games of the same ilk. (oh and that image above is not an official ad for Doom, or Vodafone, it’s about another scenario where people in Germany have defaced billboards with stick-on information bars from the game.

And finally, I hope to post a quirky video like this one above each Friday to get in to the mood for the weekend, my mate who DJ’s and VJ’s showed me this at a street party the other weekend, and I simply lost it.. JoeyClassic’s YouTube page is where this one came from, and the tune is also a free download on bandcamp

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