This single-handedly has to be one of the most heart-warming video games commercials I’ve ever seen! But in all seriousness, I’m sure Ocarina of Time is an amaaaazing game, and will be even more exciting to (re)play on a 3DS this time round. Yes I’ve never played it.. No I’ve never owned an N64.. Will I? Time will tell, I’m thinking of getting a Mega Drive after all.. Having said all that, nothing rocks more than having a good, lengthly RPG on a portable device. I mean having Secret of Mana on the iPhone (no really, the controls are decent!) is such bliss! Oh and little (un)known fact about Zelda Williams (uh Robin’s daughter), is that she prefers Majora’s Mask over Ocarina of Time. Rockin!


Here’s a pretty sweet find in an alleyway off of George St in Sydney, bunch of Tetris blocks stuck down this alleyway. Photographed by Sam Parsons. is so fantastic! They’re really picking the cream of the crop when it comes to DOS classics aren’t they? First it was Crusader: No Remorse last week, and now Magic Carpet!? For those that haven’t had the opportunity to play it, it’s a flying shooter, you float around shooting enemies, BUT, as well as that, you get to build fortresses and towers, float around anywhere in the level, use a plethora of spells, and blast the crud out of the landscape with your magic fireballs! Loads of fun this one, grab it HERE.



If you’re an Amstrad CPC or ZX Spectrum fan from back in the day, then you’d probably know a series of games developed by Mojon Twins? Well you’re in luck if you have an iOS device, because you can grab the ZX Nostalgia Arcade Volume 1 pack on the App Store which contains many of their titles. Worth checking out (even more so since it’s free, well hopefully will be by the time you still read this post!)


And finally, Resident writer, Paul (who also runs introduced me to this awesome show, GameCenter CX (or Retro Game Master as it’s more well known in the west). Arino Shinya (a well known comedian) plays a slew, and I mean A SLEW, of retro games, faces challenges, finds loop holes, and visits kickass retrogaming stores right across Japan. Unfortunately, the episodes that I’ve seen, weren’t subtitled. Lo and behold, I find that will be screening on their website as of June 23rd, full episodes of Retro Game Master. Dubbed is the flavour they’re going with apparently, so we’ll see how that will pan out. I’m excited nevertheless, as I said, it’s an awesome show!


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