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Righto, so first there was those kickass ice-cube trays to make the ice shaped like Space Invaders, and now Pixel Ovenmitts??!? Haha!


Oh wow on a wow crispbread cracker!!! The Computerspiele Museum, located in Berlin, a museum dedicated to preservation of classic video game devices from allover the world, from all the eras. Finally, another reason to visit Germany!! I mean they must have EVERYTHING if they showed a smidgeon of Super Noah’s Ark 3D in the YouTube video above.


Whilst I mentioned above about preserving video game analogally (analogally? Not a word, I should buy it!) Check out this amazing site! Digitally preserving a collection of obscure and untimely classic electronic LCD handheld games available to play in Flash. So what are you waiting for? Install Flash if you haven’t got it, or find something that does, go to, and reminisce! (Props to Dan for the suggestion)



With the recent release of Secret of Mana for the iOS, Square Soft Enix haven’t rested as of late. They’ve released Final Fantasy 3 as well! Oh and I should mention, that it’s not the Final Fantasy 3 which was on the SNES/Super Famicom. This is as in the Final Fantasy 3 in Japan. Nevertheless, it looks amazing from the launch trailer, much like the Nintendo DS re-make (App Store Link).


Another note, Final Fantasy 3 (as in 3 on the SNES aka Final Fantasy 6 for Super Famicom) came out on the Wii Virtual Console store last friday for 900 points. Two reasons that you need to get this game if you haven’t played it yet.. a) The soundtrack is heavenly, and b) the storyline is what you would expect in a typical solid retro j-RPG title.


Image source: ConsoleClassix

Segueing into Wii Virtual Console store releases, this week we see Brawl Brothers (which is part of the Rushing Beat series) appear for the SNES at 800 points. Now, don’t let the fact that this spiritual successor to Rival turd Turf put you off, because this game is actually quite decent! Plenty of characters to choose from fun gameplay for a side-scrolling beat’em up, and great graphics, and music!


And finally, the chiptune for the week goes to Starscream’s latest single “Space”. Best of all, you pay whatever you want for the single! Not often do we get embraced with original 8-bit music which goes for over 3-4 minutes, but this 7 minute piece takes you on an audible journey, through the ups and downs of travelling through one’s space.

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