Well friends, this week is a brand new week, if you’ve got an interest in games development and you live in Adelaide, be sure to drop by the Goodwood Hotel on Goodwood Road, Wayville, for the Adelaide’s Really Good Gathering of Game Developers or ARGGGH for short. Great bunch of people there to network with. Alrighty, lets get on with today’s post shall we?




That… is…. Gold. That’s all I can say really.. :D

Here’s a great short doco done by Matt Williams, covering Arcade-Gaming in Australia. Couple of people interviewed (like Simon, the owner of AmusementWorx) talking about the joys of collecting arcade machines, and talking with other folks in the community who share the same passion (at 5:50 you can see our resident writer and all-round cool guy Paul outside AmusementWorx), which I should add, was an inspirational interview with Simon, owner of AmusementWorx, as well as the interview with Neil, the AVCon Video Games co-ordinator. Definitely inspires me to start saving up and buying an arcade cab or few. My goal is to own 3: Mortal Kombat 2, Donkey Kong, and a Neo Geo. We’ll see how that works out..


Image source: AppAdvice

So Doom and Wolfenstein 3D have not only had their prices dropped on the iOS App Store, but also have been heavily updated with retina display support, annnnd also now natively works on the iPad. Check out my review of Doom here. I praise these games on the iOS device purely because it’s one of the only few 1st person shooters on the device where the controls are done right, and thankfully it’s no exception on the iPad either.

Wolfenstein 3D Platinum

Doom Classic

This week’s chiptune goes to US project Receptors, and in particular this manic 8bit electro piece Speeddialers from the album User Deluxe (downloadable here).


Image source: Top Spec Gaming

And finally, Metroid has turned 25 on Saturday. 25 years of a very successful franchise (which I’m sure many would not disagree with). I myself have only played Super Metroid, but even that experience alone made me want to check the rest of the series. I should get around to checking the Metroid Prime trilogy, as well as Metroid on NES and Metroid 2 on Game Boy.

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