Hey folks, Dave here, I’m going to be posting the daily blogs on Friday, so umm well.. really that makes it a Weekly blog instead. Oh yeah and that photo was yet another one of them Racoon Mario street art pieces found around the corner from the Duke of York Hotel in Adelaide, Australia.. Here’s hoping there’s even more than the one on Peel street and the one above. 

The reason for the dailies going to weekly, is that the crack team of staff will be very busy for a little while (including myself) working on the new webpage. It’s coming along swimmingly by the way :D So watch this space for more on all that jazz along the way. And of course the launch party for the website for everyone living in Adelaide as well! :D

All that I can say for now is that we are leaving Tumblr.. yes folks, Sorry to say but we’re moving away from Tumblr for a host. In the meantime, have a look through our archives of reviews, and reports, as they’re there to stay. 

Any comments or questions? or even feedback? Hit us up! 

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