The intriguing picture shown below, gives the definition of ‘time travel’ a whole new meaning!



This amazing artwork  by Deviant Art user dvl1962, seems as if it was created by an ancient Egyptian who somehow had the technology to play futuristic video games back in ancient times. The coolest thing about this amazing piece of art is that it was actually painted on a Papyrus!



If you’re a fan of Space Invaders and also own either an iPad or iPhone then you’re in luck!  This website sells numerous cases depicting the infamous Space Invader pixel aliens on the cases. As well as iPad and iPhone cases, there are also notebook sleeves. Visit for more cases.









Just over a year ago, DotEmu in conjunction with EA Mobile, released R-Type for the iOS. And, as of couple of days ago, DotEmu has now released R-Type for the Android platform. Identical to the  former release, it sticks to the classic look, sound and feel of the one side-scrolling space shooter that defined the genre. R-Type is available now on the Android Market store.


Yet another cool place to check out in Japan. This time it’s a Cafe, but not just any ordinary Cafe. Welcome to 8bit Cafe. From the blogpost on, it is a quaint little venue, and an extreme haven for geeks alike. From the classic games consoles at which you can sit down and play, to the presentation of the way drinks are served (beakers), to the displays of retrogaming paraphenalia. If you can read Japanese, then I suggest you check the official page on


Finally, this is a video of a Mario-type game. It may not sound like much, but as you can see in the video above, it’s quite a cute little product which sits in a cardboard box. Made in the Teague Labs, the company created an open-source electronic board called the Teagueduino which is used in this Mario game. For more information on the device, visit

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