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It’s been a while folks, we have been busily migrating the articles into the new website, don’t worry, you’ll know first at hand when it happens, and when the party will be so you can come along, and join in on the festivities. Alright, lets get to it! I have a fair bit to share with you:

On the Wii Virtual Console this week, we see the release of Bomberman Hero (Nintendo 64) for 1000 points. Bomberman Hero differs from the usual Bomberman games we all smile about of when we think the name. This time, it’s a platformer more than arena-battle. 

Hey kids, stop throwing stress balls at the televisio.. OH!! Right! Now that’s smart! This here is a tech demo of Space Invaders, played by throwing balls at a multi-touch screen which destroys the invaders! If only they incorporated those in pubs :D 

Probably a fitting thing to mention since the iPad 2 has been announced (and the 1st Gen iPads have dropped in price…), Speedball 2 Evolution is now available on the iOS App Store (store link) and it’s universal. Meaning it will work on iPad or iPhone/Pod Touch. 

Image Source: Flickr user Thiery Stiegler

Whilst on the subject of portable gaming, cancel all your bids/savings for a PC Engine LT, or scrounging for the rare Mega Jet or Nomad portables, because Nintendo is going to be offering on the 3DS Virtual Console store PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 and SEGA Game Gear games! Although.. if you do find the above-mentioned portable consoles? then good on you! ;)  

This is what I call amazing, when retro-gaming tech used for another entertaining method.. This bloke fused a Breathalyser into a NES with cart. So if you see in the video above, you blow into the cartridge and the rating on how drunk you are will appear on the screen!!! Absolute effing genius!!

And finally for this week? I shall end it with this epic video, why it’s none other than Angry Video Game Nerd finally hitting 100 episodes! Mazeltov James! And what better way than to do a video on Rob the Robot!! Thank you for the 100 AVGN episodes, here’s for 100 more! (oh and do some more 3DO games please) ;) 

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