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Amazing, one would never see the Capcom logo the same way again aye?


If I was to ask the What-If Machine, what Futurama would be like as a retro video game, this is probably what would appear on the screen. Pretty cool animation :)


After having a chat to Paul last night about remakes and games which mash up bits from one classic game and put it into another to make something different, one that came to mind is the remake to “Into the Eagle’s Nest“. Think Wolfenstein 3D but Gauntlet. This title first graced numerous 8-bit computers from ’87 onwards. Guess what peeps, you can download it HERE and play the remake!!


Whilst on the topic of mashups of classic games.. what would happen if you mix Pong with Space Invaders? You would get Pongvaders Max, a free universal app for iOS where you yeah, defeat the invaders with Pong paddles and balls.. I just had a quick punt at it last night, and it’s good fun, for free, and a kickass soundtrack to boot!!




So here’s another cool way of donating to the Japan disaster fund, is sending money to these guys. True Chip Till Death is a collective involving retro hardware and software, and are releasing a compilation disc of sweet 8-bit music from all around the world (including Adelaide’s own Little-Scale). All proceeds go to Red Cross, so be sure to check back on the site to see if the album is available.


Whilst on the topic of Japan.. oh sure, if you have butt-tonne of Famicom *squint* oh and Super Famicom games, why not play dominos with them? Whyyyy not!? :D


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And finally, do you live in Adelaide and like Pinball? Well, we got word last night, that.. oh hell let us just copy and paste the details instead (The email is from Simon from :

Hi Everyone,


Well it’s Mad March and we want to make your month even better!!! You’ve all asked for one and we have come through with the goods.

We are proud to announce that we are finally doing a Pinball Competition here in Adelaide in conjunction with the Spirit Hotel Group to find Adelaide’s best pinball player with lots of top cash prizes and a chance to win over a thousand dollars worth!

Below is a quick low down of where the machine will be. The machine will be at each location for two weeks to give everyone plenty of time to get work on your scores and become the Grand Master. The Competition will begin on the 14th of March 2011 and the machine will be at the following venues for 14 days in the order as below:

Grand Junction Tavern 14th March – 28th March

Waterloo Station Hotel 29th March – 12th April

Hampstead Hotel 13th April – 27th April

Payneham Tavern 28th April – 12th May

Brighton Metro Hotel 13th May – 27th May

Hope Inn 28th May – 12th June

The final will be held at the centrally located Hampstead Hotel on

Saturday 18th June from 2pm. So support this and we will plan another if all goes well. Good luck and I hope it’s one of you that wins!


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