Alright friends, so we’re running two panels for this years’ Anime & Video Games convention from July 22nd till the 24th.

Saturday’s panel rating: MA15+

Join us as we host “Ready Steady Retro!” where the SNES and Megadrive battle it out for one last time. As an audience member you can be part of the voting panel and help battle it out to decide once and for all which machine really is the greatest. Cool prizes are also up for offer, so join us for 2 hours of 16 bit action.

Sunday’s panel rating: TBA

In this one, we present a look at retro games based on anime. Come experience some of Japan’s finest, most of which never even left their shores. Audience participation is a requirement, so get your otaku on and come play some games. Prizes, giveaways and Pocky are all on the cards, so come join us for some old school anime fun.

We’re looking forward to being a part of AVCon once again for this year, and hope you all will have as much fun as we have been preparing for the retro-mayhem :D

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