What in the jiminy jillikins is this 2.0 bizzo? WELL!!! As some of you know, we’re moving away from Tumblr, as well as the current design of the Retrospekt website. It’s done us well for the last couple of years, but it’s time to change the look of it, and trust me folks? You all will LOVE it!

From what I saw of the development of the site? I can safely approve that it will be much easier to navigate in, and to find items.

Also, loading times of articles, daily blog posts, and reviews will be very much snappier as well! Thanks to the zippiness of WordPress, and also the extremely hard yakka that the designers have been putting into making this site a more respectable place of classic-gaming!

Early June will mark the 2nd Anniversary of of Retrospekt, and to celebrate, we’re going to host a LAUNCH PARTY! We can’t give you the details yet, except we are hoping to have it around then.. MAYBE 1st Saturday of June.. MAYBE.. No doubt you will get invites about it, as we want this to be a public thing, for all of you to bask in, and enjoy!

So yeah, we can’t wait to show you all how awesome the new site is going to be, as well as other ventures we’re getting into (like partnering up with the wonderful people at Team AVCon as well). 2011 is going to be loads of fun, and it’s only March!!


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