Last night was a lot of fun! Loads of cocktails, loads of retrogaming, and loads of goosebumps from hearing untimely classic game music. For an event which had to finish at 11:30, it went off! The place got packed out by 8:15 pretty much :D Here’s some photos!

DJ Tr!p and La Boheme delivers once again!! Oh and I personally recommend the Espresso Martinis, extremely delicious! The themed cocktails this time round were

Hadouken: Mandarin Vodka, Grapefruit, Pineapple & Raspberry

And Sonic Speed: Vodka, Triple Sec & Red Bull with blue omnominess! (not paying attention to the red line under omnominess. It was a fantastic night, short, sweet and a fantastic way to start the easter long weekend!


Source: Analogue Interactive

Okay wow!? Wooden Neo Geo console.. But wait, where are the buttons? Oh they’re on the back, nicely hidden to keep a minimalistic design ^_^

Ever played Barbarian? You know, that 1 on 1 fighter where you get to lob heads off and upset mums? Well Elite has sent out an announcement yesterday about it’s upcoming release. It should cost around AU$2.99 and will be available for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. Also if you plug your iOS device into a tele, you can play it on the big screen! You can already do so with the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (App Store Link). 29th April is the release date!

Source: Deviant Art user bassoonhero

So this individual makes plush toys, in particular pixel game characters. There’s more photos on the Deviant Art page of course, and a really cute one of the Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man together as well.

Here’s an interesting concept.. or at least hopefully one that will work well. Sonic Generations is coming out in time for Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary. You get to play as either Classic or Modern Sonic. What are the differences between the two? Visually none, but they have their own individual special moves, as well as levels. One will be in 3D perspective ala Sonic Heroes and other modern titles, and the other will be in 2D reminiscing Donkey Kong Country Returns or New Mario Bros. Wii. Late 2011 is when we’ll expect to see this, no doubt we’ll see Episode 2 of Sonic 4 as well prior? Time will tell!

Source: Gearlog

We’ve seen various projects where people have created portable versions of their favourite retro and modern consoles, but one that looks THIS good? Check out the SuperBoy. A SNES in the palm of your hand, looking very much like a PSP in a way. Still, at US$79.99 it’s worth a look right? Does both US and Japanese games (but Paul avidly recommends the FC-16 Go) ;)

Every year in Japan, at the Tokyo game culture shop Meteor, there’s an exhibition on called “My Famicase Exhibition“. The concept is that people create non-existant mock artwork for games on Famicom cartridges. This year the exhibition will be on from the 29th of April, right until the 1st of May.

And finally.. well.. I could do with one of these for my birthday *wiggles eyebrows* A kickass Donkey Kong decal, that’s (with many others) available on

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