Oh yes.. You bet  we’re back for this year’s AVCon. Last year’s panel was a roaring success! Due to the positive responses, Team AVCon invited us back, and we will be back in a bigger way this time round!

We can’t disclose much as of yet, except that yes it is confirmed that we are going to collaborate with the video games team for the Ultimate Game tournament! What do we have in store for the tournament? We can’t say, otherwise that will ruin the surprise ;) But be sure that it will challenge your inner gamer, it will make you laugh, cry, and scream in frustration and happy shivers in delight!

We also have other things in store over the two days at the convention for you folks, so if you enjoyed what we had in store at the Retro-Games panel last year? Hold on to your hats, or wigs, or both! Because this time round is going to be a whole lot of fun! More on what we have in store, as the days count down till AVCon 2011 hits the Adelaide Convention Centre on July 22nd till the 24th!

You can purchase early-bird tickets for the event as of Tuesday the 15th of March, so all you pay is $35 for the entire weekend! BONUS! But you’ve got till 15th April to get them at that price!!

To follow on what is happening with AVCon here’s some great resources:

Twitter: @TeamAVCon

Facebook: Team AVCon

And of course follow us on Twitter and Facebook as more news and announcements unravel.

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