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Oh dear.. Mario got it right in this poster design. And what a design! Oh wait, I just realised something.. Mario.. March.. Tenth.. yesterday.. Mar10! AAAAARGH!!! Oh well…


Oh now this is very funny.. This is called “A primer for Biological control, Featuring Pac-Man”. Peculiar and quite geeky perspective on Pac-Man and the Ghosts in their natural habitat. Thanks for the link Phil ;D


Hey now, looky what came out for the iOS this week! Yup, Double Dragon, remade, and looks pretty good! Available now (App Store Link). New graphics, new sound, and there are reports of it being quite loyal to the original Double Dragon, but the controls are still a bit far away from being pristine.


Oh yeah! so the GDC was on this week, what the heck is that? Well it’s the annual Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Biiiig event! Toucharcade managed to get the scoop on a whole heap of retro-gaming titles coming to the iOS platform! In this case here, Bitmap Brothers are planning on re-releasing a barrage of their titles to the iOS platform. What in the jimminy cricket did Bitmap Brothers release?

– Gods

– Soldiers of Fortune (or Chaos Engine depending on what region)

– Xenon 2

– Magic Pockeets

– and of course Z (as you see in the video above).


So okay.. this video portrays what Mario Bros. might sound like with realistic sound effects. Short video, but pretty well-done!


Awesome! Some boffins have made a kickass Nintendo 64 for the Android OS. Even more-so you could play games with the Wii-Motes via Bluetooth. How awesome is that!? Either way, check the video out, and give it a whirl on your Android device. Slightly sluggish framerate, but no doubt with beefier hardware coming out for such devices, that this won’t be much of a problem for too long!


And finally Retro Gaming Australia have put up a massive collection of links to numerous Australian commercials of retro-gaming consoles! Quite a good slew to plow through.. uh, that wasn’t meant to rhyme.. But do check the rest of the site out! Based in Melbourne, they’re doing good things there on that website :)

But they forgot the video above.. Unfortunately we can’t un-remember it as we showed this one at our panel at last year’s AVcon 2010 Anime & Video Games Convention. “GREAT OIDEA DAD!”


So yeah, what more to expect for the next 7 days?

– The outcome from Mortal Kombat 9’s resubmission to the Australian Classification Board.

– Possibly more information on Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS

– Hopefully a new game from the Wii Virtual Console store in Australia

– Another horde of retro-classics coming to modern mobile platforms as well

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