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I think this comic sums up classic gaming to a tee nowadays. Agreed? I mean really.. It’s not often that many people go “it’s old, it’s not worth playing anymore”. What if you haven’t finished the game? Well there’s many reasons to get into classic gaming, I don’t need to tell you why.


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Alright Cinephiles! If you live in Perth (as in Perth, Australia, and yes there is Perth in the US as well, several!), then you must check out the 1UP MicroCinema, located at 312B William Street.

Drop on by for some retro video games, looped animations on arcade machines and T-shirts at ground floor, and upstairs for the Microcinema.

The Microcinema was opened last week, so do yourselves a favour and check it out! and a great range of movies lined up as well:

For more information either drop in at 312B William Street, Perth or alternatively check out!


Speaking of video arcades, who ever thought it was a dying trend? This Tumblr blogsite proves that wrong. Arcade Nation provides great photos of from all around the world of public, and private arcades, and the video arcade subculture supporting them. Very good photos on there, highly recommended follow if you have a Tumblelog or RSS subscriptions.


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I have to confess here, I’ve never owned a Playstation console.. nope.. none. Do I hate them? Absolutely not! I just went down a different path of gaming. From SNES to PC, back to Xbox (for the modding side of things) then back to collecting the old and new consoles. I’ve been told by mates that Shadows of Colossus is meant to be an amazing title. One of a kind as well! I thought this would be cool to share (the photo of course), of Shadows of Colossus if it were on a Game Boy.

Segueing about my PC days, this is a fascinating video, where this bloke installs MS DOS 5.0 on a Virtual Machine, and works his way right up to Windows 7 following each operating system’s upgrade processes. Very interesting viewing to see whether it’s technically possible or not to upgrade to every major increment of DOS and Windows to the latest Microsoft OS.


And finally, I came across this extremely well-made video, on the wall of the Retrospekt Fan Page on Facebook from Christophalus Jazz Cat, a parody of Mortal Kombat 2 where Shao Kahn is trying to bargain more than he can barter with Sub Zero, this video has mature content by the way.. So when Shao Kahn is asking Sub Zero to finish Liu Kang.. well…

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