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For the Jewellery-centric indeed, what an adorable looking box to store trinkets in! The stick is perfect for wedging rings onto it! (wedging, not wedding). Oh furthermore, that good ol’ resource Instructables have a guide on how you can make your own!!


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Sweet! Wonderboy Adventure Island 2 (NES) is out today for the Wii Virtual Console for 500 points! Classic platformer with a cliche’d storyline where your girl is kidnapped, and you race through the barrage of enemies to defeat that nasty ol’ Boss. Worth a grab!



Okay now THIS is too much, so this bloke right, he did a speedrun of Mario Bros 1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels. Big deal right? But in this video, he did them all at the same time! With tools to assist swapping controls between each game. There’s plenty more on these kinds of recordings at


As soon as my mate emailed me about this on the way to work, I had to grab it.. Yes I grabbed the Atari’s Greatest Hits app (App Store Link) which is a free download, but you can either purchase all the games in one fell swoop, or buy them in packs. The whole lot for AU$18 but hey, that’s 100 or so Atari games in my pocket on the go, and also on the iPad2 (if it arrives…) So Atari have gone all out on this release, and with it, there are arcade and console versions of games as well, which can be great to look at in retrospect.. Take Tempest for example. Did you know it never came out on the Atari 2600 or 5200? Only a prototype ever came out  for both consoles, but there you are, you get to play them on the iOS. I should add that I’d love to play Tempest 2000 again somehow.. DOS? Jaguar? Either way.. I like the game, and adore the 90’s Techno OST!


What could be cooler than a Keytar? Why.. an 8-bit C64 Keytar! YouTube user Crudface has submitted some great videos (including a cover of the title music to Giana Sisters). There’s no describing how cool this would be to play with, but be sure to check the other videos out on the user’s page!


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Need a book to read? Books are a great invention where you turn paper-thin pages, which have ink on th.. oh okay so you know what books are? Whew! OKAY! This book in particular looks at the last 50 years of Gaming and how it has pushed into mainstream culture that we see nowadays. Even more-so about how the industry is bigger than the movie industry. I’d love to get a copy to review sometime ;) ;)


I really love the internet.. Seriously! The way the world connects, communities of talented people, getting together to form some kind of creative synergy.. Take this for example right? Some clever fans got together to make a fan-remake of the classic side-scrolling beat’em up on the SEGA consoles “Streets of Rage”.

Only took them what, eight years? BUT IT’S DONE! Download links available HERE. (for Windows only, or Virtual Machine on Linux or Mac OS)


And finally, new Angry Video Game Nerd came out, this time covering video games based on Steven Spielberg films. Hilarious and informative as per usual! Go watch!!

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