Source: Etsy

That’s right, show your alcoholism in style, with this hip flask from Etsy. Coin block design on the flask definitely to please, amuse and offend any plumbers when there’s no coins inside the container.


As I mentioned last week that there was a site with a collection of actual LCD electronic handheld games on the web to play via a browser, what about on your phone which DOESN’T have Flash? Well here’s a good alternative. Monkey Labour (App Store Link) keeps that traditional LCD style gameplay on the iOS platform (Oh and this game is universal, so it will work on an iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch!). for AU$1.20, looks like a lot of retro fun!


Whilst I’m on a roll here with iOS bits and pieces, last week, the 8-bit Pocket Camera app came out as well (App Store Link) at the same price as Monkey Labour (at the time of writing this post of course) which emulates the effect you’d get from a Game Boy Pocket Camera.














I had a quick play of it, and looks pretty cool! Small price for a pretty spiffy camera effect :)


Here’s a better video of the Drunken NES, the Nintendo Breathalyser that I mentioned the other day. All gaming bars need one of these I think ;)


Source: Game&Graphics

Okay, this is pretty sweet, for nostalgic’s sake (naturally), a photo of a development sketch book from Taito in 1978 of, you guessed it, Space Invaders. More of the photos on the source page.


Or perhaps after this tournament? March 19th in the U S of A, was The Kong Off, a tournament with the Kings of Kongs and other world champions in Arcade Gaming. In particular the fact that Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe pitted against each other for the first time ever in a live venue! Who won? Hank Chien! Either way, check out the photos from 1up’s page of the event. Would be nice to see more of this happening in Australia…


And finally, talking about how lucky Japan is regarding gaming, they get Chrono Trigger and Mega Man X on the Wii Virtual Console sometime in April, both at 900 points! Oh well, I’ve got Mega Man X for the SNES anyway, I just need to get Chrono Trigger still… Shyeah, best of luck for me :P

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