Another week, another binge on eBay.. I managed to win a boxed copy of Return Fire on the 3DO, a couple of controllers for the PC Engine, and Castlevania on the NES. Oh as well as that, on Friday night I went to a friend’s place for a get-together, and I splurted out at random “HEY! Lets play Bomberman!” so we managed to somehow get an Xbox with 4 controllers working on a 2 hour screaming/cursing stint of Bomberman Live, harmless fun, but vulgar outcomes :D Another interesting thing I got up to, yesterday I went to Dan’s place to check out a Neon Genesis Evangelion game for the Nintendo 64. It’s a Japanese title, so a Japanese N64 was needed… Fascinating game really, not brilliant, but not crap. I’m a big fan of the series (Yes I even have End of Evangelion on DVD, thanks again eBay), and without getting into too much on the game, each level differs pretty much on what you need to do, and it follows the TV series loosely, but closely at the same time. Either way if you’re interested, check it out. Before I forget, later today I’ll post details on the competition as well. Can’t wait to tell you all what one of you could win! :) Okay, lets get on with today’s post;

Source: Reddit

Haha, so this guy lent his landlord a NES with Super Mario Bros. instead of paying rent, and got that note above. Too funny! See? Maybe diplomatic missions in politics could be solved with video games, just make sure it’s not Battletoads on the NES unless you WANT a war..


This week’s tune goes to an entire album actually, it’s going out to a collaboration of various artists paying respect to 25 years of Metroid games. Many different genres and styles represented here. Harmony of a Hunter is a two-disc pack is available for free to download (here are the mirrors and links). So to reiterate, it’s a free compilation of great covers to classic tunes from the ever astounding Metroid games from the beginning (on the NES) right up to today’s current instances of Metroid (like Other M).


Dorkly once again delivers a comical and well-done animation, this time we see what the Mega Man games on the NES would be like if one of the power-ups was a Portal Gun


Image Source: VGboxart

And finally, a little while back, more like over a year ago, I mentioned on here of strong hints that a Syndicate remake could be on it’s way. One tidbit has been spotted recently by various websites, is that one of the developers of Starbreeze Studios posted a tweet which is long gone quoting:

“Grand moment approaching. The reveal for Starbreeze and EA’s Project Redlime. Time to meet the press.”

Project Redlime of course is the codename used for the rumoured reboot of Syndicate, and has been since 2009. Either way, coming up this week (August 16), is EA’s GamesCom 2011 press conference where they’re going to be announcing a slew of titles, and showcasing ones already announced to be released soon. So we’ll see what will come out of it. Here’s hoping it is a reboot of Syndicate. By the way? No that’s the official boxart. I mean Bullfrog (as in the name of the company) isn’t around anymore anyway.

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