Yeah I just watched this film recently, and I must say that I’m very impressed with Tron Legacy. And here I came across an 8-bit homage to the film with Mega Man-inspired sprites and a chip rendition to Derezzed (which is I guess the “anthem” tune to the movie, by the way? whole film OST? done by Daft Punk). Either way, very cool little video!

Image Source: SNES-Revived)

Today on the Wii Virtual Console Store we see the release of The Ignition Factor, a Jaleco release for the SNES at 900 points. So what is it? Well, it’s an overhead shooter per-say, where you play as a fireman and your enemy? Besides the time, it would be uh fire.. You rescue people, progress through either the building or factory level to extinguish all the flames, and you have a barrage of items you can take with you into the mission. Controls seem a bit flakey, but otherwise an interesting game, I’m not saying it’s the only kind of game with such a theme (For a comparison, be sure to check out “The Firemen”, although only released in Japan and PAL regions. I have played that one, and is a lot of fun).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Doom franchise (Hell I even got Doom on the 3DO.. how is it? I’ll show you guys in a video I plan on doing after AVCon is over), anyway, yeah what is the big deal of porting Doom to just about anything.. So here’s a PocketBook 360 e-reader, never heard of it? Doubtful unless you live in Asia or Europe (in particular Ukraine), anyway! Somebody has ported Doom 2 onto it and well? Considering what the device is for, it’s quite an effort to put such a game onto such a device.

Remember last week when we mentioned about that kick-ass fan reboot of Streets of Rage? Well get ready for some sad news.. SEGA has ordered a cease & desist on the project. Why SEGA has done this? who knows. Either way, what’s done is done.. Hopefully you folks did read last week’s post and managed to score a download ;)

Did anyone happen to catch this week’s episode of Family Guy? Well there was a hilarious parody of Street Fighter 2 in it, check the video out :D

Oh who isn’t a fan of Pac-Man? really, come on! Oh? Well.. Either way you should feast your eyes on This is insane, right so that site, lets you create your own Pac-Man maze which will interconnect with other mazes that people have made. Playable in any browser, and is, well.. Pac-Man but in enormous custom-made mazes!

Very cool concept nevertheless! Give it a try :) Australia is in 3rd place on the leaderboard, so do your part!

Okay, wicked! Somebody made a portable Atari console (no it’s not a Lynx 3), more specifically it’s of a 2600. It includes all the switches, knobs, buttons, and even a 2nd player port. Battery life of 2 hours, this custom-made portable delight is a must have for the Atari’ing on the go, or if you don’t have an iOS device, or dislike touch screen controls, otherwise you’d probably venture more for Atari’s Greatest Hits (App Store Link).


Source: New York Times

In sad news this week, Gerald A. Lawson, a chief engineer and designer of the Channel F video games console, and more the technical system of interchangeable cartridges has passed away this week at the age of 70. Jerry was one of the few members of the Homebrew Computer Club (which included legends Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs as members back in the day). His inspiration has influenced other games companies through the years, and continues to do so (even if physical medium is not used for every game device anymore)


And finally, whilst on the topic of portable gaming, many of us know by now that a Game Boy is great for playing games on, right? Of course! Same goes for making music on.

Which reminds me, the line-up for Blip Festival 2011 is up on the official page. Blip is on May the 19th-21st in New York City at a venue called Eyebeam. Should be a lot of fun, especially with Anamanaguchi and Bitshifter, amongst many other 8-bit talents! Oh yeah, back to what I was saying before, chiptunes on a Game Boy right? Not in the video above.

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