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You know.. I haven’t even seen A Fistful of Dollars.. Yes yes, shame on me.. Retro films? I hardly touch, yet should! But games? oh forget about it, I’m allover retro games like Butter at a Corn Convention.. SPEAKING OF CONVENTIONS…..

The first times on the AVCon 2011 timetable are now available on their website. It’s a simple one to hammer in, or click on: Look out for our panels on Saturday 12:30-2:30 in the main hall, and Sunday 2:30-4:30 in the Anime Theatre. (note: date, location and times of events are subject to change!)


So a little while back, I reviewed Battle Chess (DOS), and in the past I have seen brief chatter on the web about a remake of Battle Chess in the works, well the cat is out of the hat it seems, and Subdued Software have posted up screenshots, and platforms that the remake will be coming out for. PC, Mac, and iOS!


Since iOS was mentioned slightly, here’s an upcoming retro homage, called 1-Bit Ninja. Looks and sounds amazing too (check the YouTube video above!) Resembling a lot of Super Mario Land, this looks to be a winner and we can’t wait to try the game out for ourselves! Released in Late May of 2011, for more details, visit


Source: Kotaku

When you think of Soviet Russia and video games.. what springs to mind? Tetris? Well, there were other video games from the motherland, hell there were video arcades there too! Kotaku has got an awesome report on a video arcade museum, in a tech university basement in Moscow.


Have you seen the film Thor by now? (No? Then your name must be David Kudrev then). But should you have seen it, then head over to and play Thor: Bring the Thunder, a video game homage’d to the classic 8-bit platformers!


And finally, an amazing album has been released this week. Starscream’s new release titled “Future, Towards the Edge of Forever” is now online for purchase.

A gorgeous 8-bit album with a rock dimension to the audio, which makes it just confectionary for the ears! Do yourselves a favour, and grab this album! Click Here to buy it.

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