Eeeeeeeee! Just under 1 month to go till we celebrate the launch of the new website!!!!

We have live visuals from none other than local VJ’s Hal Bird & BIG.DOS, with DJ Tr!p playing beat 8-bit beats, and of course we have some awesome local chiptune talent from Little-Scale and Xandox as well! It should be a lot of fun!


Whilst on the topic of Chiptunes, check this video out! Amazing piece of hardware which CODEbends.. What is it? well check the video out, you know the spiel.. picture is worth 1000 words n all that! ;)


Source: UnrealityMag

Oh if only BinDeez weren’t banned in Australia.. Okay okay not the same thing, but here’s some really kick-ass bead art of things from video games, old and new! Plenty more HERE.

Amazing to see that video games are more and more coming in to the mainstream, especially Who wants to be a Millionaire. For $100,000 that question went for, and does she win? Find out by playing the video.


April was a good month for SEGA games on the iOS it seems, as both Golden Axe 2 and Streets of Rage 3 came out late last month. Both classic side-scrolling beat’em ups (well.. slash’em ups if we want to be technical with Golden Axe 2).


Here’s a short video depicting what Mario Bros. would be like in real life, looks harder to perform in real life doesn’t it? Oh except for the last part of the video.


Probably a bit too late to get for Mother’s Day, but here’s a suitable gift for your loved one. A pair of Pitfall Harry ear-rings, from where else but Etsy! ;D


Talk about surrealistic art, Patrick Runte, has a gallery of amazing photos combining pixels in human form. Plenty more on his site, I wonder what the models were in store for before the photos were done? Looked like a lot of fun :D

And finally, yeah guess what? I haven’t played Portal 2 yet.. Nope.. what am I waiting for? Spare money to get a copy, and for Assassin’s Creed 2 to finish! :P Oh yes, I do play, appreciate, and adore present-day gaming as well as others in the Retrospekt team :D Which is why I just had to share this, whilst the Portal 2 mayhem is still a brewing on the net at the time of this post.


So it seems that even Mario got in on the craze and got himself one of them fandangled portal guns.. The above video was the end result.

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