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Wow, Ive seen effort put into Cosplay pushed to it’s limits, but wow, this is frickin amaaaazing!! For those who don’t know, its Cloud, the main protagonist from Final Fantasy 7



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Remember The clever mob responsible for the release of a slew of classic Sierras titles, playable straight onto the browser, including the ever controversial Leisure Suit Larry? Well, original creator of LSL, Al Rowe as well as replay games, are planning on releasing Leisure Suit Larry onto a few portable phone and tablet platforms (platforms not mentioned yet). Watch this space friends :D



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Ah Etsy, love what you provide, but you’re too fast with selling out with what you stock! Perfect example is this sweet looking 8-bit Stick Up shirt. Perhaps with more interest, the author will make more?? Still though, very cool artwork there!

This week’s chiptune goes to the song Somethng beautiful.  This gorgeous piece comes  from 19 year old Chipzel, who originates from Northern Ireland. A newcomer in the chip tune/dance scene, delivering her debut album “Disconnected”, The entire collection of tunes explodes with loads of energy. Get it where and how you can!


And finally, Namco releases the Galaga 30th anniversary edition for iOS. Best part is that it’s free, graphics and sounds are what you expect with a, you guessed it, techno sound in the background. Great package and you can of course buy additional editions and sequels of Galaga. Looks great on the iPad,and controls are very easy (left/right, and shoot).

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