So I was in Melbourne over the weekend attending SoundBytes 9, which is a chiptunes event in the city that happens every 3 months. I must say, I had a fantastic night, and will post up an article about it this week. But yeah, I had a wonderful time and the performances were amazing.


Definitely one for you all to keep an eye on if you live in Victoria, or want somewhere fun to go out in the evening :D For more information on the events, and the cool cats that run the event, check out Dpad Productions on and also their SoundBytes page on Facebook Alright lets get on with today’s post.

Nice! Somebody made a rom of Space Harrier for the Atari XL and XE computer. It’s amazing that people nowadays still make games for ageing computers! That’s dedication right there, and it gets my rubber stamp of approval! Like, I’ve got this on the SEGA Master System, and I must say, that this in many ways is a more appealing presentation than the SMS version. Cheers to @OzSkip for the linky!


Now this is an interesting release for the platform mentioned next; King of Fighters.. on iOS… It’s not any particular past release it seems, it’s just called King of Fighters-i. The game is a 1 on 1 fighter (as well as the traditional King of Fighters style with 3 on 3). To begin with, there are 14 characters to choose from (with an update coming out later in the year to include 6 more). Here’s hoping that it gets a better following than Metal Slug Touch did.  Oh and App Store Link for King of Fighters-i


This week’s chiptune goes back to South Australia, with the act Xandox. Why? Because he released a new EP the other day and I must say, it’s boombastic, really FANTASTIC! Xandox performed live at the Retrospekt 2.0 Website Launch Party last month, and will be performing live alongside Little-Scale accompanied by myself, as DJ DK81 at the AVCon Games night. That will be a public event with door entry of $5 for non AVCon ticket holders, otherwise it’s free for convention ticket holders.

Anyway, Xandox.. yes! this EP titled Full Spectrum contains 6 energetic tracks guaranteed to get you off your chair. I’ve had a hard time to pick a favourite from this EP personally, as they’re all fantastic. Best of all? NAME YOUR PRICE! Head on over to the Bandcamp page for Xandox’s new EP and download :)


And finally, here’s an innovative way to bring back an untimely classic to a next-generation console peripheral. Tetris on the Xbox Kinect. Very interesting twist added to the game, where you shape yourself to the shape you want the piece to be, which means you don’t have to conform to the original pieces that made Tetris what it is today. Looks like fun right?

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