Friday 11th was a great day for Retro tidbits!  There was my review of Sonic Generations (the Xbox 360 version) and the debut release of The 321 Show (a web series Evil Dan and I are involved in with folks from Game Dork, Rad Com Team, and none other than DJ Tr!p). After the rush I got seeing these two things finally up on the web alive and kicking, I dedicate this week’s tune to Sweden’s own Instant Remedy, who remixes old-school game tunes to quite an energetic trance tune that make you want to dance!


Considering that Episode 1 of The 321 Show was all about racing games, I figured that a fitting tune of the week would be the remix made to Magic Sound Shower. A common tune heard all over the place, and generally that “anthem” song from Outrun.



Over on the Android Marketplace we find Boulder Dash – The Collection, which has recently been updated to include a great many more levels (including the original ones from 1984), and also a price drop.

(Android Marketplace Link)


Another release which came out late last week was some modern game called Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. From what I heard and saw of this game though, it’s a long way from Daggerfall and Arena. Regardless, here is a trailer for Skyrim: Retro Edition, it’s an 8-bit parody of this trailer.



When I first looked at this piece I had to look again, there is just something about it. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s quite enthralling and draws me right in.  I just keep staring. If you don’t recognise it, it’s an 8-bit rendition of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. Available to purchase on Red Bubble.


As it’s Monday, I thought I’d end today’s post on a comical note, even though this isn’t game-related persay, except for the sounds used. This bloke is riding on a scooter, and manages to topple over mashed up to the sounds of Mario Bros. Enjoy! :D

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