This is an amazing piece of artwork done of Mega Man here, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that they’re LEGO bricks!



Source: Flickr user andy_306uk

Looks like a lot of time and effort has been put into this mosiac, bravo to the artist! Looks like there’s another one in the gallery made from LEGO, but this is one of some mushrooms from the Mario games.


Image Source: Arcade-Museum

Gamasutra have a fascinating article about the secret history of Donkey Kong, as the ol’ Gorilla turned 30 recently with no care in the world, or Nintendo for that matter. Interesting that they mention that some secret code was found in the ROM of the arcade game which ties the game to another company alltogether which had ties to games released by SEGA. Read on!








Wow, this is.. uhmmm hmmm as much as I personally don’t endorse unofficial emulated gaming, but with a jailbroken iPad, you can have iMAME4All, which is, well,  an Arcade emulator for the iOS. I have to say this is very impressive, considering that the latest release features an experimental iCade support. As an owner and having reviewed the iCade recently, I’m torn with the decision.


Looking forward to the new Captain America movie? Well if you are, then you might appreciate this game on Marvel’s website. Captain America: Shield of Justice is a retro-inspired flash-based browser game, very similar to the one made to promote the Thor movie, but you play as.. Captain America. Fun game, and free to play!

And finally, why I haven’t thought of this before is beyond me, but you know how there’s video game competitions which involve the highest score right? Well why not have competitions with the lowest score? Here’s a bloke who got a measly (or ‘amazing’ depending how you look at it) 600 points in Mario Bros without dying. See if you can do better, I would if I had a working NES :| damn pins…

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