It’s amazing how so many people all over the world start to introduce, or show interest in classic-gaming more and more. But nothing can be more priceless when a parent introduces their past childhood enjoyment to their own kids.



Source: Reddit

Awww!!!! We’ve definitely hit the age now where more folks can do this with their kids. Fantastic! :D


Got an iPad? Need a funky sleeve to show you’re one of them retro-gaming nutters? Well, there’s a sleeve for that, at where else, but Etsy.


Whilst on the subject, Konami has released the classic beat’em up Xmen Arcade as a universal app for the iOS (App Store Link). Plays well on the iPad, also sounds and looks like the original game. Here’s hoping Konami releases more classics, especially at the price of AU$0.99 as well. I had to get it, probably because I saw Captain America last night, or as I like to call it “Saving Private Indiana Jones & the Return of the Jedi”.


Finally, the one Operating System that Microsoft made an impact with in old-school PC gaming; DOS has turned 30 recently. As much as I regretted selling my SNES to get a my first PC which was a 486, I found the 10 years of having a PC for gaming to be a fruitful experience. So I raise my mug of Coffee to the Disk Operating System, the autoexec.bat and config.sys woes.. the constant emm386 issues, sound card stresses… *proceeds to add bourbon to coffee*

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