I used to live in Glenelg, loved it and miss it. I now live in the deep ‘burbs, and miss plenty of opportunities to wander past the beach and check out nature, and what people have done to mould from said nature. Sand, okay? I’m talking about sand…



Source: DeviantArt user Iscariath

This is very detailed to be a sand sculpture but this my friends, is, and you can tell a lot of love, dedication, time, effort, and assuming good weather was on this sculpture’s side.


I just realised something… I can’t believe I haven’t played the reboot of Goldeneye on the Wii yet! No really! I’ve even heard good things about the game! Regardless of it having Daniel Craig as 007. Well, things may well get better. An announcement to be at Comic-Con this weekend, is that GameFreaks reports, Goldeneye 007 Reloaded could well be coming to the PS3 and 360. We’ll know more after Comic-Con no doubt. So yeah, wow, Goldeneye.. finally on Xbox sort of.. Oh you guys probably wonder why the original N64 release of Goldeneye never came to the Virtual Console on Wii, or Xbox Live Arcade for that matter? Well.. Many assumed that there was a legal dispute.. to dumb it down, Nintendo was all “noooo Microsoft, you can’t have it, that’s our game!”, and Microsoft was going “but we have Rare, so you can’t have it, because it’s OUR game!”. With a bit of lack-of-funding thrown in to that situation. Oh well, here’s hoping this reboot of a reboot will be a real-hoot!!


So wow, this NES Controller Rug is available on Etsy. I’d love to get one, but unfortunately there’s no place in the house to put this rug.. Hey I hope there’s a place for you to put one of them at your joint. They look pretty rad.

And finally, here’s an amazing video called Retromotion. This stop-motion short has an awesome soundtrack, and overall a great homage to classic gaming. If you don’t get warm fuzzies from this? Then something is wrong (with you). Plenty of cameos that you will definitely know and love! Enjoy! :D


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