Happy 1st of August to you all! First day of the month! A new month for change and opportunities for all hopefully! I came across this artwork the other day from a Ryan Barlin, a young designer from Sydney, showcasing some really cool artwork on his website;



The rest of the artwork in detail can be seen on Krop.com under Illustration (check the one next to it of Donkey Kong as well). Really colourful celebration of two popular characters on the SNES.

You remember Abobo from Double Dragon right? You must have if you played it past Level 1 and 3 on the Arcades. If you don’t, well he’s the first & third level boss. Why I mention this? Because he gets a debut in his own game technically. Abobo’s Big Adventure as showcased at Comic Con 2011. This is a flash game coming out very soon, where you play as him in various levels from various games that we all known to grow and love. The video above shows the Contra (or Probotector, depending where you reside) stage. Looks like a lot of fun, can’t wait to try it out :D


I was looking at ways to make my couches look less boring in the house, and came across these on Etsy. Pretty cool looking :D and I AM a fan of Tetris after all.. Mmmmaybe, maybe I’ll see when my Tax Return, uh.. returns..

This is another definition of dedication at it’s finest. This bloke makes an arcade racing cabinet with an Atari 2600 and in particular, a copy of Enduro. Lots of effort put in no doubt, and there’s a pretty comical clip at the end when the guy plays it :) Thanks for the link Steve!


Finally, for this week’s tune, I thought I’d go with Nebula, by Rushjet1 and the album this tune is from, is called Out There. Gorgeous light piece suitable for a sunday night chill-out session. The rest of the EP is pretty good too, one to definitely add to your collections!

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