Ah yes, Multiplayer gaming of the 90’s on a PC, and even select consoles at the time! Was a great start to it all really.. Remembering when I got my first dial-up Modem, which was a 33.6kbps External jobbie. Going to BBS’s to download movie trailers and playing Major Mud (way before World of Warcraft, hell way before Everquest was around). They were simple times, they were fun times, but there were some catches with such new technology at the time.. firstly having a Windows 95 or 98 machine meant hassles with configuration at LAN parties, but there were other issues with playing games on servers, or peer-to-peer gaming with a mate where he or she’d call your number with the modem picking up the call, you then start the server.


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Indeed. Pings were too damn high, but what do you expect from a dial-up modem? Glad things have changed a significant amount nowadays, or has it? Either way it’s a very interesting discussion on Reddit regarding pings, and what people had to deal with in the 90’s and even early 00’s.














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It all started when Ubisoft France started putting up post-it art of video game and other pixelated characters on their windows in their building. Later on, across the street, BNP, which is a bank in France, started posting up their own set of pixel post-it art on their windows. Interesting to see this friendly squabble come to effect during a work day :P The source page has more awesome photos over here.


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Got one of them new fandangled Nintendo Virtual Boys  3DS’s yet? From what I’ve seen, they’re amazing! I was even tempted at one point. But may be even more so tempted since Nintendo has announced that they’re dropping the price by AU$100 in August 12th. That’s all good and well, but what about all the current 3DS owners who paid $350 at launch? Well Nintendo is offering you 20 free games from the eShop (which includes a slew of Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced titles). The catch is however, that you have till August 12 to register or enter the eShop to be eligible. For more information get the low-down from Nintendo themselves.


To all of you who read our site, have you ever played, own, or owned an Action 52 cartridge on the NES, let alone CheetahMen II? They’re not cheap, due to the fact that they’re very rare. Angry Video Game Nerd covered both carts in two separate episodes. One of the glitches in CheetahMen II, is that on the 4th level, when you fight the boss, either he disappears, or you defeat him and you’re stuck, can’t progress. There’s only two ways you can progress, either turn on the NES with the game inside in a fluke way that the glitch unglitches itself, or try to locate this particular ROM that somebody has hacked of the game, to allow you to progress forward. Be forewarned, as much as the games and cartridges are rare and worth a lot on eBay? The games are pretty VERY horrific.

And finally, ending today’s post with a musical note.. Badoomtish.. sorry.. Here’s 22 infamous (mostly) Nintendo Game tunes recreated in one huge medley in Mario Paint Composer. If you go to the video’s page on YouTube, you’ll get a link to download the MP3 as well. This medley in some way should give you the goosebumps! *sigh* Good Ol’ Mario Paint.. Paint, make movies, attack Gnats (Oh I’d love to run a Gnat Attack competition sometime at a bar or party, just for laughs :D), and of course making music, but that up there was made with a downloadable program which is free for both Mac and Windows.

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