Dave’s Daily – 11th August 2011

 The AVCon promotions guy for 2011 was wearing roman armour during the weekend, perhaps he should have invested in one of these for it considering the theme WAS Retro after all;



Source: Etsy.

Hmmm…. Perhaps going for Roman is more retro than Mario.. just a tad :P


Nintendo Australia have posted a gorgeous webpage paying homage to 25 years of the Zelda games, with loads of cool sketches, images, wallpapers, and videos, including a video from E3 with an orchestral performance of the music from the game. Another thing on there, is a contest for anyone that has a DS, with a program called Flipnote Studio. Such a bugger that Metroid hasn’t gotten this much hype. Maybe later in the year?


Lets face it, collecting video games consoles and games are a lot of fun, and a pretty rewarding factor. Especially if they’re collected for playing. Of course such things aren’t made to last forever (but close enough, as I’ve seen modern consoles break down sooner than say a SNES). Something needs to be done to keep this crucial part of history preserved. What one group in the US is doing, is setting up a museum dedicated to video and computer gaming. They have a website with more about their cause, and how you can help, on VGHMuseum.org. Keep note, that they’re not the only folk doing this, I mean take a look at the ComputerSpiele Museum in Germany.


Taking a look at the other side of the coin here, another interesting facet of preservation, is Emulation.. Oh sure, Many would agree that it doesn’t feel the same. Although Ars Technica has a very interesting article about getting emulation done right. It gets pretty technical, but a very interesting read all the same. Either way, it’s great to see people driving this passion to keep retro-gaming alive into the future.


bombergran [jprobe] by peakfloods

And finally, on a heart-warming note, here’s a video of a Bomberman master on the Famicom. I’m sorry.. I meant, a 99 YEAR OLD Bomberman master! Umeji Narisawa, enjoying her retirement, with getting her game on. Narisawa loves playing video games all day as it helps with keeping her hands and fingers moving and nimble for needle-threading, and her mind sharp. She’s says that on some days she can complete all 50 levels of Bomberman twice! I myself haven’t played the Famicom version, and must give it a try! But what a way to spend your days in retirement? *salute*




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