I had quite an evening of defeat last night. I got myself one of these video capture devices, called a Miglia TVmax+ which I thought would solve the problem with latency. That’s been the ol’ chesstnut with USB capture devices. I’ve tried a Kaiser Bass Series 8 Game Recorder, a mate’s Pinnacle capture device, DVD Recorder, and now this TVmax thingy. I’ve had a few options thrown at me, one is a firewire-based device, otherwise I may have to resort to either purchasing an NTSC DVD Recorder, a Hauppage PVR, or one of these from Dealextreme. Lots to consider either way! Anyways…


Source: Reddit

Oh wow, now THIS is what I call a lucky duck purchase at an Op Shop (or Thrift Store as they’re called in the U.S.). If you go on eBay US now, do a search for Earthbound SNES, you’ll find that it’s not a cheap game to get. Not cheap at all… So congrats to that guy for getting it for US$1.00!

Since sparks of interest in retro-gaming is on the rise from not only gamers, but game companies, it seems Atari have slammed a Cease & Desist on the owner of the domain Atari2600.org. The site was quite an innocent one, the owner used it as a place to showcase his non-commercial programming skills of what he was able to achieve on vintage Atari hardware. Other sites (in particular Starsoft Berlin) have been targeted as well by Atari for doing the same thing, in particular Demoscene stuff with 8-bit Atari platforms. Oh by the way, that video above? not done by either of the mentioned folk, but a fine example of Demoscene art on an Atari VCS.


Alright friends, before you get too excited, that video above IS NOT footage of a new Road Rash, it is merely a kick-ass concept video. Alright, now we got that out of the way, CVG has an interesting tidbit that the president of EA Labels, when interviewed at GamesCom, hinted on Road Rash and Desert Strike to be rebooted for modern-age gaming. To quote (from CVG’s interview);

“We’ve got 25 years of good IPs and I’ve worked on a few of them in my career like Road Rash and the Strike series. So I have a strong affinity for a lot of the things we’ve done in the past.”

Terrific! Im hoping there’s going to be a massive stampede of reboots coming from EA very very soon, like this year.. I’m STILL waiting impatiently on the progress of Project Redlime… Starbreeze? Don’t leave us out in the cold for too long please! :)


And finally.. awww this is too precious.. So the guy holding the water pistol is the father of his son who refuses to wake up and get out of bed. Props for ad-libbing the Doom E1M1 tune as well!

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