Keith Apicary is quite an interesting character. Classic video games are his passion, in particular Dreamcast, Neo-Geo and Virtual Boy.



In his video series Talking Classics, he comically explores his appreciation of Chiptunes and interviews Anamanaguchi. Keith made an infamous music video dedicated to his love of the Neo Geo MVS (with the help of FantomenK). The tune from the video can be purchased on iTunes.


As mentioned in Monday’s daily post, Jeff Minter of Llamasoft is adding iCade support to his existing games on iOS. This includes a new game called Goatup.

First impressions are that it is a fun and simple game. You control a goat who simply has to eat grass on the platforms, kiss other goats, and collect random things on the screen (all while not falling off the platforms!). I thought that the graphics were great and the controls simple, which is true to the old-school vibe one would expect from Llamasoft. (App Store Link AU$1.99 / Universal).







Image Source: Good Old Games

With the slew of re-releases from Good Old Games (, it’s no surprise that they are highly successful with what they do and how they do it. Surprises are another thing they tend to be good at, and this is indeed one heck of a bombshell. Wing Commander 3 is available in one big download (as opposed to the 4 discs as originally packaged for DOS and 3DO).

Image Source: Good Old Games

Wing Commander 3 was an insane jump from the first two releases (lets face it, the nineties was, after all, the era for Full-Motion Video (or FMV) in computer and video games). Many of them unfortunately failed due to poor acting, but this game excelled with an all-star cast (Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell and John Rhys-Davies to name a few) and boasts amazing graphics for the time. Wing Commander 3 is available to download for US$5.99 at GOG.

And finally, Dorkly has once again made a hilarious video based on the old-school gaming days. This time it’s Mega Man X with his Charging laser attack vs a Metall C-15 enemy. The end result is just too much. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself :)

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