I love it how companies these days push out re-releases of consoles with built-in classics!  For example, the Blaze Mega Drive with Mortal Kombat 1, bundled into a controller which plugs directly into a TV.

Source: PlayersChoiceVideoGames.com

In light of all those essentials, how can I almost forget the Atari Flashback 3?  This clone of an Atari 2600 comes with two controllers, and 60 built-in games including classics like Centipede, Yar’s Revenge, and Battle Zone to name a few. The Flashback 3 retails at US$39.99 and should be available now.


Source: SEGA

Everyone I’ve spoken to about Sonic Generations is as pumped as I am for the release, which is fantastic! SEGA has mentioned on their blog that the Mega Drive version of the first Sonic game will be hidden and playable on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Generations.






Steam is also offering something pretty special- with any pre-order of Sonic Generations for the PC, you will get a free download of Sonic 3D Blast, as well as Sonic 3 and Knuckles! :D

Source: Distractionware

Speaking of Steam, have you folks played VVVVVV (or The Letter V Six Times)? Gorgeous game which has been out on Windows and Mac OSX for quite some time now. Well Distractionware has announced on their site that the game will indeed be coming out on the 3DS on eShop. And you haven’t played the game before, be sure to download a demo. It’s frustratingly addictive with an amazing 8-bit soundtrack to boot!



Who isn’t a fan of Super Mario World? I would take a bet that most of the folks who aren’t, have never actually played it. I’m going to throw my bias hat on here, and state that it is my all-time favourite Mario-based game- hands down!  Artist Tatoledo has created a gorgeous piece, simply titling it as “Super Mario World HD”. So much detail in the characters.


To end today’s post, I’ll leave you with some awesome news!  Daytona USA is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. However, Daytona has been released on Xbox Live Arcade (for 800 points), but only in Australia. There is as yet, no sign of it on Playstation Network. “DAYTONAAAAAAAAA LETS GO AWAY!”

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