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Hold up, I think I found my new sneakers! These here friends, are a limited edition official release from Converse and Nintendo celebrating Mario’s 25th Anniversary. Where does one get a pair? eBay? Yahoo Auctions Japan? Either way, they’re Converse, they’re high-tops, and it’s Mario.


So lots of banter starting up about E3.. Even though Retrospekt is a classic-gaming community, without of doubt, I’m sure that many of us are still avid modern gamers as well (I sure as hell am)! With that said, from what I’ve been stirring and fishing in so far in the rumor (and confirmed) pot which may be of interest for you classic gamers;

– Contra reboot (teaser video courtesy of IGN Entertainment)


New Mortal Kombat Joystick from PDP which no doubt will tie in with the re-release of Mortal Kombat 1-3 for Windows, Xbox Live and Playstation Network


– Wii 2 (aka Project Café, assuming Nintendo will call it a Wii 2) and of course what this would mean for Virtual Console.. Improved emulation? And don’t deny that the current VC is “not quite there” with ghosting, slight lag, and stretched aspect ratios, it’s bad enough that classic-gaming is done on most LCD, LED and Plasma screens nowadays (keep your CRT’s folks!!!) Oh well, either way, time will tell considering it’s what Monday? Pffff bring on the rest of the week! I’ll keep you posted ;)


DotEmu is a company that re-releases classic Windows/DOS titles to work natively in Windows XP, Vista and 7. Their current special is the IREM Arcade Hits pack at half price! So for around AU$7.00 you get all of these

– Kung-Fu Master
– Vigilante
– Ninja Spirit
– R-Type Leo
– Air Duel
– Battle Chopper
– Cosmic Cop
– Dragon Breed
– Gunforce
– Gunforce 2
– Hammerin’ Harry
– Image Fight
– Legend of Hero Tonma
– Mystic Riders
– Undercover Cops
– In the Hunt
– Superior Soldiers
– and Blade Master

DotEmu has announced this special on Facebook and Twitter since 11:30PM or so last night. Yes I stay up late, I’m a night owl that lacks sleep! ;D


Tell me, do you live in Sydney? Are you into the C64/Amiga Demoscene? Well friends, from 11th till the 13th of June, Flashback 2011 is on. Competitions, live 8-bit music, displays and exhibitions to be had. Looks like a great way to promote and support the demo scene in Australia. Registration and more information on location/dates/times/venues/etc’s on



Lasers, lights, Pac-Man.. All awesome things right? Combined together just well.. A picture is worth a thousand words as you see above. Michael Bosanko, a photographer using light graffiti which is a harmless and non-damaging-to-property kind of art. His blogsite has plenty of amazing photos, but in particular check out the one of Pac-Man with ghosts!

And finally for today, this is too amazing not to share! This bloke made a flipbook animation of Sonic the Hedgehog. A lot of time and effort was put into this as you will see in the above video. A lesser-used art for animation used once again! :D

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