This just in folks! Consider this Breaking News:
Blip Festival is coming! This exciting international event is a Chiptune music festival which runs for two days and takes place yearly in places like New York, Japan and Scandinavia.


Luckily for us Australians, and in junction with 8bitpeoples and Melbourne chiptune promoters Kristy Dossor and Eugene Davorenon-Britton of Soundbytes, Melbourne will be hosting Blip Festival Australia 2012 in February 17th, 2012 at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, Victoria! (Facebook Event).


But that’s not all, not only will there be live international and national acts at the festival, there will also be workshops and talks presented with themed to the the 8-bit music culture.


For more information such as the line-up and ticket prices, which will be announced later this year. Be sure to bookmark


Source: ObviousWinner

Just to explain to those of you who haven’t yet played Legend of Zelda on the NES; you’re given a sword by an old man in the first screen in the game when you go into a cave…clever huh? Seems to have become a meme nowadays. I endorse this flyer!


An interesting game has been chosen for download on the 3DS eShop for this week. 3D Classics Twinbee will be out by end of this week. Twinbee is a Konami overhead shooter from the Arcades, which pretty much started the whole franchise.


Just in time for Metroid’s 30th Anniversary perhaps? Here’s an amazing design on a T-shirt (which is also for sale), depicting Samus fighting her enemies, and is in the style of ancient South American art. Any fan of the game series would be all over this quick smart, considering it’s already sold out! But fret not, because they’re taking back orders on the website!



Okay, now this is cool! It would seriously take a lot of people to participate in this, but how amazing is this interactive, animated Mario banner at this soccer game? Also, this may just shatter those old stereotypes of sporty guys vs nerds don’t you think? I’d definitely say this banner is pretty damn awesome and pretty damn geeky at the same time! ;D



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