The further we push into the 21st century, the more it seems that artists move away from the more traditional disciplines of art, such as woodcarving.



However, one caught my attention recently- this work of art from Flickr user fatheed. Considering it was laser-cut, the detail is superb! This artwork depicting Double Dragon 2 on GameBoy is going to be on display at the “Old School Video Game Show” at Gallery 1988 Venice, Santa Monica.

From the 16th of September to the 8th of October, the gallery will be showcasing a lot of amazing artwork dedicated to classic gaming. For more information on the gallery and exhibition, visit

I have never played nor seen this old 3D handheld game, but it looks fascinating. Additionally Vimeo user crstokes83 produced a sweet looking music video dedicated to the Tomy Sky Attack handheld game using samples from the game as well.

Vlambeer has created Super Crate Box (an independent game with a heavy retro-inspired theme). It will be released on iOS sometime this month. As can you see in the video above, it’s a simple, yet cute looking release. This Multi-award winning game has been a hit on OSX and Windows.  Super Crate Box will also have iCade support which doubles the pleasure :)


Before I forget, (this is more for the Australian readers) Next Byte has a new catalogue out with this month’s specials.

Of particular relevance to all of you retro gamers out there is that they are now selling the iCade as well as the Pinball Magic device for your iPod touch or iPhone! :)

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