A while back I mentioned a really solid looking flash game in the works called Abobo’s Big Adventure, where you play as Abobo, one of the bosses from the first Double Dragon game. Well good news folks!


Abobo’s Big Adventure is now available! This is one of the latest and finest looking playable retro tributes.  The premise is that your son is kidnapped and you have to plow through stages, bosses, mini-bosses, medium-bosses and much more. Each stage pays tributes to key titles from the NES era, so why not give it a whirl? It’s free to play after all, and it supports gamepads. abobosbigadventure.com is where it’s at!

Here’s a video from Dorkly, this time about the thief from Final Fantasy. Basically he steals a wallet from a boss and hilarity ensues!

Image source: Toucharcade.com

Hey do you folks remember Tamagotchi? Miss it much? Thought so. Well either way, toucharcade.com takes a look at Hatchi, which is a Tamagotchi clone for iOS devices. Chances are that the trend could come back, where at work or school you have to nurture your little digital creature once again.


UPDATE: It is now on the App Store (Link)

And now some more news for iOS gaming with the release of Marathon 2: Durandal, which follows the success of the first Marathon game on the iPad.  It’s available now for free! The story continues from the first, with 27 levels, 7 unique weapons, puzzles aplenty and enemies to boot. Folks if you haven’t heard of Marathon nor played it, I would suggest you visit this link! App Store Link.

Last but not least, is the hype of a new Kid Icarus game finally returning after oh, twenty-one or so years?  Before Kid Icarus embraces the Nintendo 3DS in March, why not whet the appetite by playing a 16-bit clone of the original NES game in your web browser? This is very reminiscent of what the game would be like if it were released on the SNES. *sigh* if only… ;)


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