There are some racing games that I actually genuinely enjoy, and this is one of them.

In their most recent press release, SEGA has announced that Daytona USA is heading to the Xbox Live Arcade (800 points) and PlayStation Network (US$9.99). The graphics will stay intact, but will fit to the modern aspect ratios that televisions require, including support for modern steering wheel peripherals for your respective consoles, and up to 8 player online support.  In addition, there is also a Karaoke mode, so you can sing along to your favourite tunes from the arcade:  “DAAAAYTOOOONAAAAAAA Let’s Go Away!”

Daytona USA is scheduled  for a slow release across multiple regions by the end of November.




DoctorWat (over at Deviant Art) has created some cool minimalist artworks of characters from the Mario games. These simple designs would make for some pretty rad smartphone wallpaper, or posters.



Given the choice as to what their favourite Final Fantasy game would be, the answer would most likely vary depending on the generation of the gamer. Mine would have to be Final Fantasy 3 (US). I didn’t mind Final Fantasy 7 either, so I’m glad to see that somebody de-made it for the NES console. Yes, that’s right!  Final Fantasy 7 for the NES!  Originally a pirated release in China for the Famicom in 2005, someone grabbed hold of it and translated it to english, and then posted it to Vizzed for you to play. On average, NES games were around 128 kilobytes in size, however Final Fantasy 7 for the Famicom weighed in at 2MB! Either way, it’s on the web now so there’s no escaping the fun!


Last, but not at all least (for anyone who is a fan of Asteroids that is), I shake my fist, and yet at the same time thank Derek for finding this video.  Basically, a company which makes Industrial strength shredders demonstrate how the machine works by shredding things through this device…and then they put the incident on the web. This YouTube video in particular shows them lowering an Asteroids Arcade cabinet into one.

Warning: The following video does contain graphic arcade cabinet destruction. Arcade fans are advised.

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