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Oh dear.. someone likes Shaq Fu.. A BIT TOO MUCH!!!

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Yeah, this must be the motherload of motherloads when it comes to apparel of the retro-gaming kind. HUUUGE site with loads of shirts, hoodies, wallets, and other bits and pieces!

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Jeremy from 1up.com has posted an interesting read about what the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary edition missed out on, also on where and how it lacks. So who else here managed to score a copy before they completely disappeared from game stores?

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Phone case company Incipio showcase a Game Boy style case for the iPhone 4 which will never see the day of sales, in fear that Nintendo may retaliate legally.

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Finally, on a depressing note.. we come across some photos of some retro gear, an amazing collection damaged from the Queensland floods. We sincerely hope that this bloke didn’t lose more than just his retro gear (i.e. loved ones), our hearts go out to this collector, and above else, all victims of the major floods/disasters around the world!

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