I often wonder how these people get the time to make these amazing pieces of street art:



Oh sure, there’s been a barrage of Mario, Space Invaders and Mega Man art found around the world, but Mortal Kombat ones? Quite obscure for a popular fighter! From Flickr user Shizartistcom.


Good news everyone! Last night we saw the release of Another World 20th Anniversary edition on the App Store. You get both enhanced and original graphics modes, it’s a universal app, and from my first impressions (more like playing it for the first 5 minutes on both the iPad and iPhone), the controls are intuitive, but will take some getting used to, but once you do get used to it you’ll be loving them! Another World (or Out of this World) is a short, yet brilliant platform game. If you want to see a game which excelled graphically and with gameplay back in 1991, then this is one title that hints inspiration from Prince of Persia. (AU$5.49/Universal/App Store Link)


Over on SMS Power, the one-stop site for anything on the 8-bit SEGA consoles, Site Admin Bock, as well as the forum community on SMSpower.org, has discovered a prototype ROM of NBA Jam for the SEGA Master System. The only 8-bit gaming platforms that it did come out on, was the Game Boy, and Game Gear. This prototype  was developed after the Game Gear version, so there would be a lot of familiarities, except it was ported from the Game Gear version. Credits to Retro Gaming Australia for the find!

Finally, if the graphics in Super Mario Bros. is too detailed? Then have a look at this YouTube video. Using just a 64 pixel screen, Brad was able to recreate a highly playable clone of Mario Bros. For more projects from this wizard of electronics, visit BradsProjects.com

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